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School of Foreign Languages

School of Foreign Languages has two undergraduate programs, English Language and Japanese Language. English Language is offered since 2002 while Japanese since 2005. The School now has 1200 undergraduate students and a total number of 93 teaching staff, including 7 professors, 21 associate professors, 52 lecturers, and 12 assistants. Among this teaching team, two teachers have obtained Doctoral Degree, 61 the Master's Degree, and two are doctoral candidates. Besides, there are also five foreign experts teaching at the school.

In 2009 English Language was ratifyed as a specialty with individual characteristics in Fujian Province. In 2010, the teaching team was awarded as the Excellent Teaching Team of Fujian Province. At present the course of Translation and the course of English Listening are recognized as the Provincial Excellence Courses. Recently the teaching staff has made great progress in academic and teaching research. The teachers of the school have published 8 studies, 6 translations and 8 textbooks while 12 articles published on those first level journals home and abroad. The School has undertaken 25 projects founded by provincial Department of Education, one provincial social science project, one sub-project by National Center of Foreign Language Education Research, and one project funded by National Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science